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Hey Fidless

I'm playing on Mac (10.14 Mojave)

I played the last version, and when i finished i throw away the app

Now I downloaded version 0.5.1 but i cannot continue from my old saves. There's no old saves at all

Where does the app stores the saves??? Thanks 

Hey. Saves are stored inside game folder.

Got you

Since i deleted the previous version of the game, i guess i lost all my saves? 

Yes, since saves are located inside game folder.

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Hey hey fidless,

great game, one can really see how much effort you put in everything. Great animations, nice arts, highly fascinating setting & story, interesting mechanics. Would never have thought it's based on RPGM.

And the complementing music is just amazing. There are some very deep touching compositions there. My favourite one so far is the one being played in the garden with Kisayo (jp2_moonlight). Did you make it yourself?

But I noticed quite a few grammar errors in the dialogues. Do you have a proofreader yet? I have a lot of free time right now and I would like to offer to do it if you are interested, free without any compensation. :)


Hi is the discord link working? Also is there plans to release this on Steam eventually?

Fixed the link :)

Steam? No.

Hello how do i press enter during scenes on android?

Nvm i figured it out

Hi there, love the game but i found a couple of things not working correctly (just trying to help you improve the game)

1. Training Action point cost is incorrectly (I have 6 Points but can only train the first carressing 2 times then my AC counter is at 0). It says the carressing cost 1 but takes 2 points from my AC counter (sometimes I have the counter with -2 even a -4 AC points available)

2. during training where you have to press enter, it sometimes doesn't register the input and the combo resets

3. also during training when you hold the controll button (for faster) and have to press enter the scene stops and just the girl is displayed also, the combo for when you press enter also does not register at that time. I think this happens when the control and enter buttons are pressed at the same time during the animation.

Thats all for now i hope you find this helpful

Suggestion :

Please Add Skip Tutorial

Add More Courtesan 

Btw I really Love your Game and I Hope Many People will try to Play this Game and Support you in Patreon so that this Game will have a lots of Updates. Thank you 


Hey, Thank you! There's already a skip intro button. Skips to day 14.

just started playing, and one thing i have to tell you, is that that you are a true artist,  saka's face is simply perfection to my eyes!!!

Thank you!

bro is there any date for the new version or any hint that how much time left in i

Next week, but it'll be a short update. I try to release updates monthly.

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Hey fidless, love the game but I have 1 issue. I ran a courtesan completely out of energy and the game will not let me rest her. Shes stuck on courtesan and cannot be trained or anything how can I fix this?

It'll be fixed in next version.

Thanks man, you are a rockstar.

Great game concept+storyline. I've already reached day 85 on the previous version, does this game support save transfer to the latest version on android? 

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Hey. Thank you. Just install a new version over the old one. But avoid using quicksave, it won't work in the next version. Changed how it's saved, because it gave me a couple of problems.

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Sorry to say, but i just encountered maybe a bug. The UI take almost 3-4 minute to appear (in some cases it doesn't even appear)  in the office room after end of the day. Any advice? 

UI not appearing was the issue caused by some new events. It'll be fixed in a newer version. But the long UI loading time is abnormal. It shouldn't be like this. Not sure what could be a cause.

bro i have completed 250+ days nothing is intersting now, can u suggest me anything to do, although i have max everything plz bring the update soon and plz add more courtesan. Also a very great thank u for this amazing game.

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Next step, become real pimp IRL :D Jokes aside, I'm working on it. :)

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may ur work be successful and u add something interesting.  But u will always be the greatest pimp

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Wow, didn't think it was possible to make the game MORE tedious but you succeeded, there is so much to do with no action points to do them you just can't even get start

Upgrade "Master Room", you'll double the amount of AP.

How do i get skill point? Because its always 0 whatever i do with the courtesan.

I just added talent points to the current v0.4.1. The public release is within a few days.

loved the game, but when it comes to train the girls, it takes too long and having to focus on pressimg forward and pressing enter disconnect me from fapping. it has to be faster or instanly in my opinion


Is there an anal training option?


Currently no, but planning to remake whole training with different options including anal training.

When will the next update be available? I was almost done in this version.

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Hey. Everything is written in my devblog.

it's too annoying you kept repeating similar texts over and over. 

player - "I will take revenge"

servant - "master you should be patient"

player -"okay but I will take revenge".

servant-"that's a good idea but be patient first"

player-"yes I will be patient but I will take revenge". 

and also this : 

"she has been taking care of me since our parents died"

2 lines later

"I was told you were orphan , what happened to your parents?" 


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Alot of that is just the way it is translated. As for the parents comment, saying they died does not say how it happened. My guess is that the dialogue was supposed to read something like "she has been taking care of me since our parents died."

"You're an orphan? What happened?"

Does this version not allow you to make the first debt payment of 12k? I got to 13k and it didn't change anything so I thought maybe I just have to wait until the due date but I have gone 15 or 20 days past the quest acquire and the "days left" still says 30 days. Also, if it's not set up that way, it would be nice if you could complete the quest as soon as achieving enough money, even if it initiates the countdown on the next payment.

Yes. You're right. It's work in progress, I forgot to add that into the description.

So it's not completable in this version?

Yes, it's not. The event will be available in future updates.

Pls make more fun with kisayo.See her to be courtesan will be more excited.

you play as male character or female character ?

As a male character.

Hey, fidless. The problem I'm encountering is that, after a few days into the game, (After the deflowering scene of Yura and Saka), If I try to train the girls, the game freezes. Anything That I do, can't help to start the game. Even the save game becomes same. It's just stuck. I had to restart the story several times. But each time the same problem.

And I'm the one that posted on Reddit.

That's troublesome, because it can be device related issue. What kind of phone you're using? While it freezes, do you hear any sound? Music etc? Which OS version is yours?

Can be hard to find pin down this problem. I'll test new version on my budget phone next week to see if there's a common problem, though when I was testing v2, I haven't encounter any problems.

Btw, this is important, when you're stuck, can you open/close menu's/options where you save/load a game? Music is playing? Is there visible visual novel buttons (

My phone is Oppo Reno, with 8 GB RAM, Android version 9. The first time I encountered the problem, it stuck on the said screen (Saka's beauty training). Some buttons were visible, but not functioning. Only the Menu option was accessible when I double tapped the screen. I saved the game, closed it and restarted it. When I load it, the game didn't respond. So I had to restart the story, once again. Then again I encountered the same problem.

I don't think my phone has to do anything with the problem. Cuz I can run so many games without a single lag.

Yes, the OS is pretty new so it shouldn't be a device problem. It must be eventing and conditioning issues. I rearranged lots of stuff, but not sure how it'll affect this "skip day" bug. If it happens randomly, save frequently. If it happens in a certain scene, let me know right away. It's harder with random bugs like this since it's hard to recreate the problem and why it happens. Hopefully, further testings will help me to pinpoint the cause.

I can't lunch the game on Mac is it normal 

Try placing the game into the application folder. Could be problem with permissions.

I've already done it but the problem comes from the file named "game" and when I try to launch the game from the application folder, the message "Impossible to open the application "game". Is it only for me or other Mac have the same problem ?

It could be because Apple decided to cut off support for x32 apps with their newer OS. I'll  upload a newer game version, but if it's happening because of OS not supporting the 32-bit application, there's not much I can do about it. Applying 64-bit nw.js into the game could help though, but it's tricky.

Ok thank you very much for your help I'm waiting for this version and hope it will works

I love this game honestly. 
Management, Training, Beautiful girls, Progression etc

Just got my spirit broken after day 30 where i failed and need to restart (':
Probably giving it a rest for a few days before starting a new game again xD

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Thank you! I'm adding a class system to the game. If it's too hard for you at the beginning, you could pick a "merchant" type character which starts with more money and bonuses to profits. But it'll take ~2 weeks until I release a new version.

The Android version has problems. It works like a PC game. And doesn't has a back button. Could you look into the matter?

Double tap with both fingers. :)

Im stuck here. Nothing happens. No tapping. I even restarted the game. But still stuck

By default taping at the same time on the screen with both fingers works as "back/escape" unless the game froze for you.

The game froze. Can't go further than this screen

Use two fingers, tap the screen. it should bring you out of that screen.


I love the game so far but right now i have a problem where i cant get past a certain scene that i dont want to spoil. No matter what choice i choose when i hold the "control key" the action bar wont fill up and i'd hate to start over cause i feel like im pretty far in, any help would be appreciated.

I'll be updating android version today :) It had a problem like this.

Thank you so much i cant wait :)

Not sure, where  to report bugs. So ...

Game has encountered a bug. Please report it.

Error: Failed to execute 'drawImage' on 'CanvasRenderingContext': The HTMLImageElement provided is in the 'broken' state.
at Function.Graphics._paintUpperCanvas (Irina_AnimatedLoading.js:125:1637)
at Function.Graphics.updateLoading (rpg_core.js:1969:10)
at Function.Graphics:updateLoading (Irina_AnimatedLoading.js:125:807)
at Function:SceneManager.onScene:Loading (rpg_manager.js:2046:14)
at Function:SceneManager.renderScene (rpg_managers.js:2033:14)
at Function.SceneManager.updateMain (TDDP_FluidTimestep.js:113:14)
at Funcion:SceneManager.update (TDDP_FluidTimestep.js:86:18)

Press F5 to restart the game.

After a few seconds

Loading Error
Failed to load: img/system/VNButtons.png

For more information, push F8

Pushing F8 doesnt change anything.

Manjaro Linux, AMD Ryzen 5 2500U, Version of WR is 0.2.1(B?) public

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New version will be out soon :) Probably will fix that.


Had a lot of fun playing this one. My one critique is grammatical errors, otherwise I enjoyed the story and the setup and am definitely looking forward to more content.


Average breast size in Japan prior to the rise of plastic surgery = AA.

If accuracy is a goal, would suggest reworking the Gazongas... They were not only exceptionally rare, but considered extremely crass. Geishas had their chests and feet bound from infants, to keep them as small as possible. 


No, I'm not trying to be 100% accurate with historical facts. It's a fictional Japan where the story takes in the fictional Edo-japan city. It's a game.  :)